Example for CVMFS benchmark run

Hi all,

I am looking for an example to run HS23 directly from CVMFS. An entry path to the right repo should be sufficient I guess.

Use case would be a quick & dirty benchmarking within containers etc. trying to skip/avoid the installation.
The benchmark would not have to be totally accurate, i.e., cold cache would be acceptable for my use case - although I would see to walk through the subtree in CVMFS reading the heads of all files to pre-warm the local cache.


Hi Thomas,

starting from hepscore v1.6 this feature will be available with a simple CLI option:
-i dir

you can try the v1.6rc3 for that.

python3.6 -m venv myenv
source myenv/bin/activate
pip3 install git+https://gitlab.cern.ch/hep-benchmarks/hep-score.git@v1.6rc3
hepscore -i dir /tmp/

it will automatically select the same worklaods of the official version of hepscore, but this time from cvmfs/unpacked.cern.ch


@giordano many thanks - looks good :smiley:

(looks like I managed to kill one of my test VMs - but that’s probably due to the box having only a token CPU weight… :grimacing: )