Hepscore config


we have new nodes and I’ve decided to run Hs06 in the usual way but would like to incorporate also hepscore this time. Is there a definite combination of benchmarks? Last time I tried (admitedly several months ago) ATLAS was missing some application (waiting for rel 22 I think).

Hi Alessandra,

the configuration available in the HEPscore version v1.4

still uses the Run2 versions of the LHC experiment software and excludes Atlas Sim.
There is not HEPscore version with the Run3 versions of the experiment software.

Said that, if you have time to run the v1.4 of HEPscore, I would consider it interesting.
We have collected several benchmark measurements (used in the publication HEPiX Benchmarking Solution for WLCG Computing Resources | SpringerLink ) and your new nodes can be compared with the ones we have benchmarked, on the same benchmark.

In case you decide to run it, it would be great if you could use the HEP benchmark suite to send to the central DB the results. We can give you details in case.


Hi Domenico,

it’ll be next week but let me know how can I add results to the DB.