K8s presentation at the GDB

Dear all,

there hasn’t been much going on in common for k8s, but I know various
activities have progressed nevertheless. We have been asked to present
at the next GDB. We have two alternatives

  1. Collect all the information and either Lincoln or I will present it
  2. We have 2 or 3 shorter presentations done by the people

Personally I prefer 2) because it is better to have people presenting
their own things, but 1) has also the pro that it allows to make a
summary of what is ongoing.

At any rate could people let me know what they are doing?

Here is an initial list of what I know if ongoing and may be part of the
summary or a topic in its own right

  1. ATLAS effort to integrate k8s as LRMS in the ATLAS submission and
    work with google
  2. ATLAS service deployment new addition harvester can now be installed
    as k8s included at some HPC centres
  3. CERN activities/GPUs/…and dissemination work
  4. CMS DODAS integration with xcache and auth2.0 as data lake prototype
  5. cvmfs-csi
  6. SSL status ?
  7. GPU k8s covid usage in chicago (?)

let me know what you think