Kubernetes Batch + HPC Day at Kubecon Europe


Please note there will be a dedicated co-located event at Kubecon Europe targeting Batch and HPC:

This event follows the significant progress happening in Kubernetes to better support our workloads, and targets end user presentations and best practices, and presentations from tools in the core and outside that help our type of workloads.

The CFP is now open, consider submitting - if in doubt or thinking “what i do is not really relevant for other”, you’re probably wrong and people would love to hear you. If you need any help with the submission and/or content, ping me and i’ll do my best.


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It seems you have to register for Kubecon EU, and it only has in-person options for registration.
Presumably the content will be available online for free, or virtual registration will be available later, does anyone know?

NOTE: If you submit a talk and get accepted, you get a free pass for the conference. Still time for that :slight_smile:

Content will be online and available for free after the conference.

CERN has unlimited virtual passes for Kubecon EU, i’ll circulate another message tomorrow about that. In any case the instructions are here:

I dropped a message to the conference organizers asking about virtual attendance to the co-located events. My understanding is this will be an option, but indeed the current register form says otherwise.

The reply points to the registration of the co-located event, and only virtual registration to kubecon should be needed (so you can use the unlimited free virtual passes from CERN to attend virtually):

How to Register:

  • IN-PERSON pre-registration is required. To register for Kubernetes Batch + HPC Day Europe, add it on during your KubeCon + CloudNativeCon registration. You must be registered for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2022 to add co-located events to your registration.

  • Access to VIRTUAL CNCF-hosted co-located events is included with KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe registration. Separate registration for IN-PERSON CNCF-hosted co-located events are REQUIRED.

Thanks Ricardo, I was able to get a code for a free virtual registration. However there is still no option for virtual registration AFAICT so I can not use the code.

I go to Register | Linux Foundation Events
click “Register Now”, log in to cvent, click “Register Now” for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2022, select my email and “Register myself”, then it shows the registration options. All of them are for in-person attendance , see screenshot.


My understanding is that you should register to attend virtually directly for the main conference, here:

Is this not working?

That should give you access to the virtual platform when the event days come, including all co-located events in the pre-conference days.

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Oh I see … the Batch Day registration redirects to a different cvent event for Kubecon registration (the in person option only), but actually there are two separate cvent events for Kubecon registration and the other one is for virtual. Thanks, I registered for Kubecon EU virtual!

Thanks @rbritoda as much as coming to Valencia would have been fun in the end I folded on the virtual option. :slight_smile: