Multicluster API document

I don’t know how many people have subscribed to the k8s SIGs, but the people in the multi cluster SIG have created a draft document for a multi-cluster API. It is open for comment. If you are interested

Hey all,

A few of us have put together a proposal for what a multi-cluster service API could look like, with the aim of making it easy to discover and consume services across the cluster boundary.

The primary targeted use cases are:

  • A K8s workload consuming a service deployed in a different cluster

  • Multiple clusters, each with an instance of the same service, consumed by a k8s workload as a single unified service

Please take a look - thoughts, comments, and contributions are greatly appreciated!


Hi Alessandra.

This is for Services only though, it’s not a generic multi-cluster API - it’s different than what fedv1 and fedv2 tried to do, and it wouldn’t work for Jobs for example.

There was a document last year covering some additional points:


Yes, it is for services. Still it is api we might want to keep a look in a world in which we might run centralised deployment.