Rootless Containers Overview by Akihiro at CNCF SIG-Runtime


Next Thrusday (8am PT, 5pm CET) at the CNCF SIG-Runtime meeting the topic will be around rootless containers and what the status is - discussion on support from kernel to containerd to kubelet, issues with networking… and a particular focus on what can be done to help push this forward.

Akihiro has done and is still doing an amazing job, it would be great to help him out with dissemination and getting this functionality available everywhere.

Agenda link:


So by next Thursday you mean next week Thursday, March 18? Tomorow is the second Thursday.

Note that week will be after the U.S. switch to Daylight Savings Time and before the European switch, so there’s one less hour than usual in Europe and it would be 4pm CET. (I would like to attend but unfortunately have another meeting at that time.)

Next Thrusday March 18th.

Thanks for the reminder on the time changes. The agenda mentions 8am PT i think we can stick with that.