Running hepscore with podman


Has anyone been able to run hepscope using podman instead of docker or apptainer?

Thanks in advance

Doug Benjamin

Hi Doug

As reported in the hep-score README

While Podman is not yet officially
supported, tests have shown that it is functional with HEPscore and workloads
from the HEP Workloads project as long as a “docker” symlink exists to the
“podman” binary, and the open file descriptor ulimit can be set to 100k or
higher (this may require administrator privileges)

This was done long time ago. Being apptainer the official container engine to be used for HEPScore, we have not investigated further.

Please, keep us posted, in case you give a new try.



I have pointed the hep-score documentation and code to staff at NERSC in case they want to help in making hep-score work for their implementation of podman. I will keep you all posted.

Doug Benjamin