Web required for wlcg-discourse?

Is the only way to post a message here through the web? If so I’m not sure I like that much. I set it to send me emails for categories I’m interested in, and they don’t even accept a reply.


Hi Dave,

This instance is setup to only use the WEB interface. Not differently from other systems at CERN like gitlab and JIRA, or ticketing systems like GGUS or the OSG helpdesk. I don’t even send emails to github to be honest.

I am not sure how discourse works or what are the constrains, anyway it seems possible to use email: https://meta.discourse.org/t/set-up-reply-via-email-support/14003

I don’t know what kind of thing must be set up, by it seems possible.

you need an email server connected or you need to do funny things with gmail (equivalent of using their email server).

maybe it is possible to integrate discourse with other tools in use in the community

But this may not work for everyone